White Psyche

The world is this big
time's corridor, the width of a vein
rats to infinity
in the catacombs of dopamine
Horizon: empty bag
Horizon: scrape the walls
shaved pussy mapmaker
white psyche, organs fail
Horizon: net the ocean
Horizon: sinking slave ship
a kidnapped tongue on my credit card
white psyche, organs fail
[Lyrics from: https:/lyrics.az/charlie-looker/-/white-psyche.html]
The world is this thin
thought's theater, the play of the veils
absence covers absence
face covers frozen face
Feel something, press the button, feel something
seek reward, clutch at nothing
The sea is mirror-deep, veil-deep
seek reward, feel something, stop at nothing
Nothing left, always more
Give me another hit
Glutted feed, hollow core
Give me another hit