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Last Things is Now on Patreon!

Last Things, the umbrella label for my YouTube channel, podcast, and record label, now has a Patreon! This means that, for the tiny cost of either $5 or $10 per month, you can become a patron of this ongoing project of mine, and ensure that it continues to be as prolific and as high-quality as it has been so far. You will also get access to free exclusive things, for your eyes and ears only.


To get everyone psyched about becoming patrons, I made this fun super-cuts video, of some tantalizing live stream and video stuff...


There are two subscription tiers:


- Subscribers at the $5 level will receive access to the Last Things Discord server, where cool, like-minded people hang out, trades ideas, music, memes, whatever. 

- Subscribers at the $10 level get next level exclusive stuff, including access to special videos, music tutorials, music history overviews, group live stream guitar lessons, audio files of unreleased songs, behind-the-scenes material, and sample packs.


This guitar tutorial for "Fascist Moments" (from my 2018 record, Simple Answers, is available now, for patrons only!


Fascist moments tutorial screenshot.jpg
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