EXTRA LIFE – Secular Works, Vol. 2

is out now on digital and 2xLP formats


      Track list:


  1.   What is Carved

  2.   Coming Apart

  3.   The Play of Tooth and Claw

  4.   We Are Not the Same

  5.   What’s Been Lost?

  6.   Diagonal Power

  7.   How to Die

That’s right, Extra Life is back! It’s been ten years since the last record and the band’s dissolution. Solve et Coagula. The new record is exactly what it sounds like: an aesthetic and vibrational sequel to the debut record, Secular Works. I decided to keep the whole thing a secret, and then release it suddenly, with no PR roll-out. Aesthetically, I’m revisiting my past, but business-wise, I’m on a whole new vibe.



The digital format is available now, and you can also pre-order the double-LP, a beautiful gatefold package designed by Zev Deans, hot pink 180g vinyl, limited edition of 300. Please be warned, the vinyl will probably take something like 3 – 4 months to reach you. But I promise it will be sent.

There’s only one track streaming on the bandcamp, “Diagonal Power”.  Aside from that, you have to actually buy the record to hear any of it. It’s not on Spotify.



The line-up is new. On drums we have Gil Chevigné, from Belgium, known for his incredible work in Helium Horsefly. Toby Driver, the mastermind of Kayo Dot, is on electric bass. And original Extra Life member Caley Monahon-Ward is playing violin and viola, and did quite a bit of creative string arranging. I am truly blessed to be able to work with these amazing people, just as I was blessed to work with Nick, Tony, Travis, Ian, and Karen back in the day.


The album was beautifully recorded and mixed by Ben Greenberg (of Uniform, and many heavy production credits)



We’ll be available to play live in the Fall and Winter. No dates are booked yet, but we’re hyped to get out there. For booking inquiries, please just contact me directly, preferably at charredlurker at g mail dot com. We’re open to all kinds of situations, from high level Euro festivals (obviously lol) to more DIY operations.


I hope you all love the record! If you’re a fan of the original Secular Works, you will definitely be into this.



many Eternal Retvrns,