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"... at the [Simple Answers album] release concert on Thursday at National Sawdust, the vibrantly restless quality of [Looker's] arrangements made this composer’s range of concerns feel palpable, and potent... Even when Mr. Looker wasn’t playing guitar, or singing himself, you could discern his intelligence at the center, working to hold communities of sound together.”    -Seth Colter Walls, New York Times

"... [Simple Answers is] a powerful piece of modern classical music... Looker contemplates the fascism lying dormant within him and rejects it, defying genre borders by bringing elements from pop and New York’s longstanding experimental traditions to the ostensibly stodgy world of classical. His honesty is a more effective weapon in the war we’re all fighting than moral grandstanding could ever be.”

- Andy O'Connor, Pitchfork

Simple Answers is one of the best albums of the year for sure. The symbiotic relationship between its building blocks, fetched from a varied musical background, create something truly unique and compelling. This is a must!”

- Canthisevenbecalledmusic?

 “Psalm Zero bring a level of experimentation to extreme metal that isn’t seen often enough… The Drain blends disparate sounds extraordinarily well on this quirky yet superb debut.” 

- Adrien Begrand, Decibel

Stranger to Violence shows hope for metal to arrive at an openness it’s long been capable of, but hasn’t fully realized… Getting on board with this is a crucial step for metal’s future — to embrace life without losing the darkness.” 

- Andy O'Connor, Spin

“The best album of last year - in the opinion of this observer - was Made Flesh, the second long player by Brooklyn three-piece Extra Life… I'm pretty sure I heard over a thousand other albums in 2010, and none of them made as lasting an impression as this one, or sounded so little like anything else currently being made and described as 'rock music'.” 

- Noel Gardner, The Quietus

“One might ask why we need art like this, art that produces dread and foreboding, art that violently pulls the audience out of themselves. In that very formulation, though, is the answer… It’s only with the feeling that Made Flesh evokes that we can actually get a better view of ourselves and why we think like we do.” 

- Andrew Beckerman, Dusted Magazine

 “Charlie Looker is nothing if not subtly confrontational… Looker’s work is is far from simple and actively challenges conventions related to genre, approach, and more." 

- Fred Pessaro, Revolver

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