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 Extra Life -  "What is Carved", live at Glazart (Paris)  1/18/23

"Puppet", live with chamber orchestra, at National Sawdust, (Brooklyn)  6/14/18

Darius Jones quintet, live at Roulette Intermedium, (Brooklyn NY)  6/15/19

Score for Alexa Echoes, by visual artist Amanda Turner Pohan, for 2 flutes, and 2 sopranos. premiered at EMPAC (Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, Troy NY), 2/4/21.

Presentation on musicological/philosophical essay, On Melisma, (Last Things YouTube), 11/23/21

"Atrocities"  (Antony & the Johnsons cover), live at le Centquatre (Paris), 7/9/16

Quartet improvisation, w/ Mary Halvorson, Mick Barr, and Tyondai Braxton, at The Stone (New York)  1/14/15

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